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Frequently asked questions for Sellers

Why advertise on the net?

For many people the internet is now their first port of call when seeking information. They appreciate the ease with which they can switch from data-base to data-base and web site to web site compared with the problems of a similar search using newspapers, magazines and books.


How will my prospective purchaser find me?

Because is part of a very large group of information web sites, it will be easily located by a search for several key words. It is not necessary for a prospective purchaser to know the name of the site to find your particular entry.


How many visitors do you get to buy DIRECT from owners?

The group, as a whole, is currently getting thousands of visitors every day - it is safe to say that a high proportion of these are looking for property. If we ignore those who will prefer a full Estate Agent service, it is reasonable to say that the number of visitors is in the high hundreds each day who want to buy from someone like yourself.


Who will see my advertisement?

Anybody anywhere in the world whose search parameters call for houses, direct, Costa, properties and many other key words that will take them to our web sites.


How long will my advertisement remain on buy DIRECT from owners?

Until the property is sold or you request it's removal.


What if I want to change the wording or pictures?

If you would like to change any of the wording or images log-in to the members area and edit your listing.


Your site will be listed on various other sites, including, and, at no extra charge to you

However, these sites are not in our control, and whilst we will do our best to ensure that your property is listed correctly, we can accept no liability for their errors or omissions