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Welcome to Buy DIRECT From Owners - [FSBO] Why pay more for your dream property in Spain?

When buying a property through an estate agent, you are invariably paying an average of 7% more than you need to. All properties listed on buyDIRECTfromowners are free of agents commissions because you are buying Direct from the Owners. This is often known as FSBO - or For Sale by Owner.

Search our database of properties to find your dream home in the sun. We match buyers and sellers directly - cutting out the middle man to save everyone money!

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Some of our Featured Properties

Some of our
Featured Properties

Stunning 4 bed villa in Guaro

property in Guaro for sale by owner

This 7 year old country Villa & Annexe is in a beautiful situation 1Km (5/8 of a mile) north of Guaro, a village of approximately 2,000 people This property is absolutely legal at approximately 138 sq. ...more

Finca Caladan in Coin

property in Coin for sale by owner

Finca Caladan is a working Palm farm situated in the hills some 2km from the picturesque town of Coin. ...more

Cortijo Style Villa in Monda

property in Monda for sale by owner

Considerably reduced in asking price for an early sale, this stunning cortijo style villa is located just outside the mountain village of Monda. ...more

An Enviable Lifestyle

living in spain No doubt you have been giving some thought to the relaxed and secure life style available to you here, in Spain. Whether it is shopping, golf, sea, sun, fabulous beaches, fantastic scenery, natural parks, historic cities, a laid-back lifestyle or simply something different that you crave - Spain has it!

Why advertise on the internet?

While the press can give very good advertising results, it tends to be very short term and expensive.Price often dictates the content of any advertisement each word costs money and pictures can be extremely expensive.

The internet gives you the opportunity to paint a comprehensive word picture of your property as well as the ability to show colour pictures that a potential buyer can print off for reference. The number of words and pictures you use does not unduly affect the cost of such advertising.

Because there is no sell-by date on an internet advertisement, it will remain available for potential buyers until the property is sold. Because the advertisement remains available you do not have to keep paying to have it renewed.

Don't forget, also, that unlike trying to sort out advertisements in a newspaper, it is so easy for a potential buyer to add your property to his favourite pages - at the click of a button.

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Why buy Direct from the Owner?

It is a fact that buying property in Spain is fairly straight forward as in most other countries. However, there are additional costs that have to be taken into account. Of these, iva (VAT) at 7% has to be paid as do the legal and registration fees. These are fixed charges, amounting to up to 11% of the buying price, over which you have no control.

You can, however, save a substantial sum on the commissions charged by Estate Agents. There is no reason why you should not save these costs by dealing direct with the owner (remembering, of course, that no matter how exciting the property and price might be, proper legal advice needs to be taken before you sign or pay anything).

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Why sell your property direct?

Selling your property direct is a cost effective way to market your property successfully. Who better to SELL your home than you? You know your property and local area better than any estate agent.

By cutting out the agent and saving a hefty sum on commissions you can take advantage of the various forms of media available. As well as marketing your property on the internet with sites like buyDIRECTfromowners, you can also reach potential customers by advertising in local newspapers, however having as many images as possible gives you a better advantage so if you do decide to advertise in this way adding a link to a webpage will give you a good advantage.

Get the best price for your property

In the current climate you need to be marketing your property at a competitive price whilst still making money. Imagine that there are two similar homes for sale, and both vendors are valuing their property at 250,000€.

One of the properties is for sale through an estate agent and is marketed at a price of 267,500€ (approx 7% commission) - the second vendor decides to 'Axe their Agent' and market their property themselves at a price of 250,000€.

As a buyer which property would you choose?