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5 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Town House for sale in Teba, Spain

House split into two apartments

Location : Teba
Price : 69,000 Euros
5 Bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms
Built area of 160 square metres : Land area of 200 square metres

Reference : 348

The house, which is being sold as one unit, but could later be sold as two separate units, consists of two separate apartments, each with their own front door, and no internal connection.

The entire property is located below the historic castle of Teba, and is a short walk from the village centre.

The lower apartment is the original town house, with original features and very thick walls. It has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The lower apartment is liveable, and has a very nice ambiance. The back door leads to a large terrace, where you can sit and enjoy the view.

On the terrace is an old fashioned well - you can see the water in the bottom! - but you won't need it, as the house has town water. There are also a few plants, and a fig tree. From this terrace, you can reach the cellar, laundry room, and storeroom.

The upper floor has a staircase direct from the street, leading into a living room, separate kitchen, bathroom, and three bedrooms - all three bedrooms are reached direct (without passing through other bedrooms). There is a small balcony, with views even better than the lower apartment. The whole apartement has a modern feel.

However, although the upper apartment is securely built, the work is not yet completed, and requires floor tiling, and plastering. The bathroom furniture is there, but not fitted, and electricity is not yet wired up, although all the pipes and conduits are in place.

The whole property has mains electricity and town water.

Move in, and live in the lower apartment, whilst you finish off the upper apartment, then perhaps rent the other half for long term or holidays.