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2 bedroom Apartment for sale in Cocentaina, Spain

Quality Flat

Location : Cocentaina
Price : 98,000 Euros
2 Bedrooms - 1 Bathroom

Reference : 30948


Second floor

2 bedrooms, bathroom, living-dining room, kitchen with a small balcony, storage room
Spacious garage optional
Nice, modern, new and clean
Sunny, all exterior
Facilities: Electricity, water, heater, vitroceramic cooktop, oven, heating in the principal room & bathroom, phone connection, lift
This flat in not furnished but kitchen, hall and both bedrooms have buit-in wardrobes.


Located in Pasaje Literato Azorin. Cocentaina (Alicante)

Quiet street near the town centre, local shops, supermarkets, chemicals, hairdressers, butcher's, fishmonger's, etc.
Lots of bars and restaurants with sunny terraces where you can go for a drink or meal.

Good road system. You can get to the coast easily:
30 min driving to the coast of Alicante
35 min driving to the coast of Gandia
50 min driving to the coast of Benidorm
You can get easily to the most important cities:
35 min to Alicante
50 min to Valencia
Both cities have airports.

Cocentaina is next to Alcoi, an important town which is 5 min driving.

There are regular bus services to the nearest towns (Alcoi, Muro,etc)
A service of bus and train which goes to Valencia.

Cocentaina has very good sport facilities, Olympic swimming pool, hockey pitch, tennis courts, indoor sports hall, football field, basketball field, etc
It has 2 music schools


Cocentaina is located in a very nice area, it is surrounded by mountains. It is a protected area.
There are a lot of natural places and routes where you can do hiking and trekking, also for spending a very nice picninc day with the family. The places where you can go are: San Cristóbal, Santa Bárbara, Font Roja, Montcabrer, etc.
There is a castle in the top of the mountain.


Friendly town
During the year, there are 3 important festivals:
Moros y Cristianos
Traditional fair (400 years old).- Hand-made products, food, agriculture, children attractions, animals, etc.
A religious festivity to commemorate the patron saint

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